What’s The Fuss About Freelancers?

Freelancer’s work is coupled with flexibility and creativity

Freelancing has arguably now been recognized as a proper industry around the world. But some people aren’t too happy about it. There has been much uproar in the market over the stature of a freelancer. Some giving it a name of ‘short cut pursuit of a career’ while some passing vague arguments to justify themselves. Well, the ground reality is entirely different. To me, a freelancer works harder than a normal employed person working at any firm with same nature of work. A freelancer’s life is heck of a lot tough with nights spent tirelessly working on projects to meet tough deadlines. A freelancer has a broader scope to cover when it comes to being professional, yet indeed people argue that freelancers lack professional attitude and work ethic. My question to all freelance critiques is what the fuss about freelancers then?

Technically speaking, the whole of western world is now doing a smooth transition towards freelance industry as it has a lot of potential in it with smart business strategies involved. But in contrast, Pakistan has been very reluctant in accepting these creative approaches in the business world and embracing it as a proper industry, though there is a very little development in the promotion of freelancers’ community.There are many fields on which freelancers are active but programming and designing have been on top. If you do some research, most of the projects a local Pakistani freelancer does are foreign projects which offer them handsome amount of money keeping in view the currency difference. Some freelancers are often carried away by this lust and compromise on local projects that leads them to unsatisfactory response from local clients.

Social media has been a driving force in the promotion of freelancers. Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube etc. have helped them advertise their work. People have often found platform like freelancers.com helpful to advertise their profile in the cyber world though there are potential risks involved including copyright and infringement laws violation as our country doesn’t have strong laws and enforcement that protect the rights and your work could easily be stolen/copied from these portals.

As far as web designers are concerned, there is a need for ability to pay attention to details when it comes to good quality work. There are always pros and cons of every platform you are working on. A firm would teach you work ethics a little more formally than what freelance work can’t. But it is not only work ethics that that counts at the end of the day. There is a lot more to it. When working for any graphic designing firm, your job is very limited and most of the time you will end up producing what you might not be personally satisfied with. Since you’re a part of that system you adapt the idea of “Don’t shake the system because the system works”. However, a freelancer may choose and decide on the concept, nature and other details for a particular project leading to flexible ideas and concept visualizations. So in this way, a freelancer’s work is coupled with flexibility and creativity.

In a nutshell, there is really no reason to degrade the freelancing industry as the world is already looking forward to shift gears towards this industry as it is cost effective as well as high quality work packaged with creativity and flexibility.

Mohsin Fancy