What Does Graphic Designers Think About Programing?

Graphic Designer Thinking about Programming


Designer thinks programing is to do somthing with codes and it just takes a mintue to write it.

This is also true that every professional thinks they are doing the toughest job on this planet, and I totally agree on this, As a graphic designer, I personally think that design is not something that every one can do. Every professional thinks this way about their work because they are expert in their fields.

But interesting part is when a person comes to them and says: “What is the big deal in doing this work? It will just takes few minutes to do, this is not something very difficult.” These are the word that I use for my programming friend and in response he start arguing and explain about the work.. This is what we all do as professionals to defend our work and try to educated the person who lack the knowledge about some particular field.

Mohsin Fancy