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Love Cards For Couples

Unusual Love Cards For Couples With A Twisted Sense Of Humour

Bit by bit, greeting cards are (regrettably) becoming a thing of the past. The more creative stationery artists and designers out there, however, are coming up with cute and novel card ideas to match the way we communicate in the (…)

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Ramadan Campaigns

Some Successful Ramadan Campaigns

I found some really good Ad Campaigns on Ramadan Kareem,  Ramaban Mubarak    

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Adobe Illustrator: A Graphic Designer’s Best Friend

Adobe Illustrator is one of the leading software used by known graphic designers and design studios worldwide. From making patterns, vectors, illustrations, to digital paintings and scalable images, Adobe Illustrator makes the job easy for all. Adobe Illustrator now offers (…)

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Principles of effective logo design

Principles of Effective Logo Design

In effective logo designing, it should be kept in mind that the logo should be distinctive, well-researched and appropriate for the company’s needs, goals and name, practical, simple and easily-remembered, graphic and most especially, it should convey the company’s intended (…)

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handle difficult Clients.

Graphic Designers: Handling Unprofessional Clients

Having clients is one of the dreams of freelance graphic designers so that they can offer and exercise their passion to others and gain income at the same time. This also teaches graphic designers to grow as artists for every (…)

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Dream to become a Graphic Designer.

Be the Graphic Designer You’re Dreaming of

Being a graphic designer requires creativity and passion. If you thought of being one and you have both of these, then believe you can be one. There is no actually a real formula for being a graphic designer for each (…)

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Imran Khan Chooran - Product in karachi

Imran Khan Chooran (Product)

Today I found some thing interesting on my Facebook feed ” IMRAN KHAN CHOORAN “.  A New Product Launch in Karachi Confectionery Market.. Look at the product shoot.. you can observe few things in this product it self. A Marketing stand form a business (…)

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Graphic Designer Mistakes

Mistakes Freelance Graphic Designers Make When Starting Out

This article is intended to give you a heads up on certain things that can make your job easier and more profitable. Making a living as a freelance graphic designer can be a fully rewarding career for certain creative people. Just like (…)

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What’s The Fuss About Freelancers?

Freelancing has arguably now been recognized as a proper industry around the world. But some people aren’t too happy about it. There has been much uproar in the market over the stature of a freelancer. Some giving it a name of ‘short cut pursuit (…)

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Why is graphic design so expensive?

Haunting the thoughts of thousands of small businesses and start-ups: Why is freelance graphic design so expensive?  As a designer, most of the clients I have/had understand the value of my work. But in Pakistan, field of graphic design in growing (…)

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