Entrepreneurs Sunday

Entrepreneurs Sunday

Its was Sunday, I woke up and feel like this, was think about the work there was no holiday for an entrepreneurs, just everyday same as Monday. So i decided to right a quote about this and this is what it design and Right.

For Entrepreneurs Sunday doesn’t means hoilday and everyday is like a Monday. -Mohsin Fancy

I am a creative designer and an entrepreneurs, start my own design studio where we do Graphic Design & Web Development related work such as Print Media, Editorial, Digital Art, Illustration, Corporate ID, Website Design & Development and so on. I have to do all the work, manage the studio, cleaning the  studio , hiring and firing people, managing the workflow, billing clients, and a long list to do, so there is no time left  to enjoy weekend and a holiday. all the days are same for us and its just a label to me.

hope you have enjoyed reading like to see you comment below.

Mohsin Fancy