Charter School Development School

Logo Design for “CSDS” – Charter School Development School, I have tired to create a book in an abstract form to represent school and i relate that to books.

  • Book Style Logo
  • Logo Presentation
  • Innocent

    I don’t know how you do it—completely re-designed your blog while taking care of a nwreobn and a toddler—but you did an amazing job here. I really like the new look. My favourite new features here are definitely the welcome section, the RSS section and what clients say, also the fixed swirls in the background. Glad to see so much colour here, while keeping a clean elegant look.Not too crazy about the shadowed borders that separate the section titles from the content in the sidebar, look a bit too rough for me compared with the rest of design.P.S. Shouldn’t you update the year in the copyright section in the footer?