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Difference Illustrator Vs Photoshop

The difference between Illustrator and Photoshop

Sometimes we are a bit confusing about illustrator and photoshop, even though we have used it for many years ago. If you so, might be this work below from Indian graphic designer could help you to differentiate between the illustrator (…)

Odincons Shape Outline 100+ Icons

Free 400 Vector Outline Icon Sets

Icons that included in the sets are very common ones that any UI design can require (Communication, Media, Signs & Symbols, Developers icon, Tools, Settings & Display, files & Foldes, Office & Finance, Graph, Shopping Cart and Icons which are very useful to creating such interfaces). Every (…)

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Desi Nike Logo

How Desi’s Actually Pronounce Brand Names

New Delhi based graphic designer Akshar Pathak noticed that while Indians use and love several international brands, we take some creative liberties when it comes to pronouncing their names. So he took it upon himself to redesign their ads and (…)

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Get A Bad Ass Title

Get A Bad-Ass Job Title For Yourself

These days, employers are rolling out long job titles to compensate for small pay packages. As a result, most employees end up feeling more important than they actually are :-p. Looking at this trend, New York-based viral marketing agency Thinkmodo has come up (…)

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Love Cards For Couples

Unusual Love Cards For Couples With A Twisted Sense Of Humour

Bit by bit, greeting cards are (regrettably) becoming a thing of the past. The more creative stationery artists and designers out there, however, are coming up with cute and novel card ideas to match the way we communicate in the (…)

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Top 100 Useful Website List – record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube. – for capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops. – shorten long URLs and convert URLs into QR codes. – find the original URL that’s hiding (…)

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Blue and black, or white and gold? Mystery Solved

I am Mohsin Fancy, and was really curious about this image, me and my wife both saw this image at the same time and both of us saw it different.. I was seeing the White and Gold and my wife (…)

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26 Things To Consider Before Developing A Brand New Website

If you are just getting started with your new website design then you must be excited. Along with the excitement you must not forget the simplest questions before starting a brand new website – What i’s the purposes and objectives? (…)

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Why to Not Start a Startup – Info-graphics

This graphic will demolish every excuse you have for not founding a startup If you go back a hundred years before the mechanization era, you would see that the default way of making a living was not through a job, (…)

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These Brilliant Ads From Toronto Will Make You Think Twice Before Littering

This has got to be right up there with the top PSA campaigns this year. Live Green Toronto has come up with six clever print ads as part of an anti-littering campaign to help curb the city’s current problems with (…)

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Business Card Template For Photographer

Free Business Card Template for Photographers

Elegant Business Card Template For Photographer. Unfocused light background in different color along with  to Social Media Icons. PSD Is fully Loaded with layers and file are ready to print format. Download Include all Font and PSD files. Enjoy Download Here

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Get Free Stationery Design

Get Free (Business Card, Letterhead, Envelop Design) with our Standard Logo Package $150   Free Stationery Design When Placing Order – Select Stationery Logo Package & Stationery Set. – User Promo Code In Coupon Field and Hit Apply – Fill (…)

think what I can do with A box

I Dont Think Outside Of The Box; I Think Of What I Can Do With The Box

“I don’t think outside of the box; I think of what I can do with the box” if this quotation while browsing over the internet and I thought its a nice fit of what I think and compliment my corporate (…)


Honest Slogans for Popular Brands

I found some interest image while browsing. Its about the honest slogans that people think of popular brands. have fun and enjoy the post.

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Invisible Bike Helmet by Two Swedes

With bikes becoming increasingly more popular as people begin to steer away from cars and into cleaner and healthier options, a fresh new idea has come onto the scene with regards to safety. Out with the old and in with (…)

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Samsung Pay Apple in 5 cent coins

No, Samsung did not try to pay Apple its $1bn fine in nickels

As proof that some people will believe absolutely anything, the latest story doing the rounds is that following Apple’s win in the mutual patent infringement case against Samsung, in which the jury assessed a $1bn fine, “Samsung paid Apple its $1bn fine by sending more (…)

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14 August Pakistan Independence Cover Image

Pakistan Independence Day 2013 – Google Doodle

Download the Facebook cover Today is the day when Pakistan was born and raised on the map of the world, 14 August. Google is celebrating Pakistan Independence Day 2013 with an amazing Google Doodle today. Check out the screenshot. This (…)

Malala Yousafzai Quote

Malala Yousafzai’s speech at the United Nations

In the name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Honourable UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon, Respected President General Assembly Vuk Jeremic Honourable UN envoy for Global education Mr Gordon Brown, Respected elders and my dear brothers and (…)

Ramadan Campaigns

Some Successful Ramadan Campaigns

I found some really good Ad Campaigns on Ramadan Kareem,  Ramaban Mubarak    

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Facebook Resource: Sizes and Dimensions

What is the size of the profile picture in Facebook? How wide is page of your brand? Here are all the numbers you need, some new sizes have been added and old ones modified. We’ve added them here. Big picture for (…)

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